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General Academic Regulations and Policies
Section 3: General Academic Regulations

3.5 Plagiarism and Cheating
To plagiarize is to take ideas or words of another person and pass them off as one’s own. In short, it is stealing something intangible rather than an object. Obviously it is not necessary to state the source of well known or easily verifiable facts, but students are expected to acknowledge the sources of ideas and expressions they use in their written work, whether quoted directly or paraphrased. This applies to diagrams, statistical tables and the like, as well as to written material, and materials or information from Internet sources. To provide adequate documentation is not only an indication of academic honesty but also a courtesy which enables the reader to consult these sources with ease. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism. It will also be considered plagiarism and/or cheating if a student submits a term paper written in whole or in part by someone other than him/herself, or copies the answer or answers of another student in any test, examination, or take-home assignment.

Plagiarism or any other form of cheating in examinations or term tests (e.g., crib notes) is subject to serious academic penalty (e.g. suspension or expulsion from the faculty or university). A student found guilty of contributing to cheating in examinations or term assignments is also subject to serious academic penalty.

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