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Research Fields TEST business, economics, political science, sociology, women's studies
Categories Business
social sciences
Citizenship Unrestricted
Eligibility The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCS) is calling for applications for the three scholarships. In addition to the monetary awards, winners of all three scholarships will be awarded a free one-year membership in the Canadian Assocaiton for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) as well as free registration at the 2012 CASC conference. For the awards, applicants msut either undertake studies at the Canadian universities or university-equivalent colleges (regardless of citizenship) or be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants studying at such institutions outside Canada.
The Alexander Fraser Laidlaw Fellowship is available to graduate students only. The award is based on the applicant's academic record, as well as on the importance of tghe proposed research activities to the development of the cop-op movement in Canada or abroad. Value: $1,000 The Amy and Tim Dauphinee Scholarship is available to graduate students only. The award will be based on the applicants' academic records and on the importance of the proposed research activities to the development of the co-op movement in Canada or abroad. Value: $3,000 The Lemaire Co-operative Studies Award is available to both undergraduate and graduate student and is intended to encourage students to undertake studies which will help them contribute to the development of co-operative in Canada or elsewhere. These awards are also intended to support students who have been involved n co-operatives, preferable in leadership positions as volunteers or employees. Eligible candidates will have been involved with co-operatives, must demonstrate reasonable knowledge and understanding of co-op principles and their application, and be able to indicate how the proposed studies will contribute to the co-op movement. Full or part-time students, taking full- or partial-credit courses at any university or university-equivalent college are eligible to apply. Eligible candidates must take a minimum of one course about co-operatives. The bursaries will be awarded in multiples of $1,000 to a maximum of $3,000. The amount of the awards will be proportioned to the significance and contribution of the studies to the advancement of co-operatives. To be eligible to receive the award, recipients must undertake their proposed study within one calendar year of the fellowship being awarded.
Value The value is not available
Currency Canadian
Tenable at No details on tenability available
Deadlines March 31
Application Details Visit the Canadian Co-operative Association web site at http://www.coopscanada.coop/en/orphan/CASC-Scholarships Contact: Donna Balkan, Canadian Co-operative Association 400-275 Bank Street, Ottawa ON K1P 2L6 Email: donna.balkan@coopscanada.coop Updated: January 25, 2012

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