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Name 2006 RDC Graduate Student Award Program
Research Fields TEST Unrestricted
Categories No categories available
Citizenship No citizenship available
Eligibility As a means of promoting the use of Statistics Canada datasets in graduate student research projects and encouraging the funding of graduate students, the Manitoba RDC is offering grants for Masters and PhD Students who plan to undertake a new project.

The Manitoba RDC offers researchers in Manitoba free access to Statistics Canada datasets, as well as the workspace, professional and technical support and equipment needed to analyze these data. Information on the RDC program, the application process, and the datasets available can be found at the Statistics Canada website: http://www.statcan.ca/english/rdc/index.htm

Applicants must be:
1. Registered as a graduate student a a university in Manitoba
2. Base their thesis or dissertation on one of the Statistics Canada databases available at the RDC.
3. Students may hold these grants in addition to other funding, when allowed by the terms of their other funding.

Amount and Number of Grants
Up to 5 grants of $5000 will be offered in 2006, depending on the availability of funding.
Value One lump sum paid once all necessary procedures have been completed:
1. The research project has been approved. The procedure is described on the RDC website: www.umanitoba.ca/centres/rdc/
2.The contract with Statistics Canada has been signed.
Currency Canadian
Tenable at No details on tenability available
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details

Application Procedure Interested students must submit the following documents:
1. The proposal to be submitted to Statistics Canada/SSHRC for approval to access the datasets, including a description of the research project, with details on the research question, methodology used, and the dataset to be accessed;
2. A current transcript;
3. A letter of support from the supervisor;
4. A cover letter, with contact information (name, home and departmental address, telephone number and email address)
All documents must be received by the RDC not later than 15 May 2006
For further information, contact:
Linda DeRiviere, RDC Analyst
Email: Linda_Deriviere@umanitoba.ca

Last updated: January 11, 2006
Research Fields TEST entomology
Categories No categories available
Citizenship No citizenship available
Eligibility In memory of A.G. Robinson, Professor (1953-1981), and Professor Emeritus (1982-1992) of the Department of Entomology, his colleagues and friends have established a scholarship fund at The University of Manitoba. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. From this fund, an annual scholarship, valued at the available annual interest earned (initially $200) will be made, effective 1994, to a graduate student who:
  • is enrolled in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, in a graduate degree program delivered by the Department of Entomology
  • has achieved strong academic standing in the overall program (a minimum AGPA on 3.5 in their current program)
  • has not previously received the award in his or her current program;
  • among those candidates who meet criteria (1) through (3), has written the best literature review essay in one of the required courses ENTM 7150 (MSc students) or ENTM 7220 (PhD students).
The award selection process for this scholarship will occur in January. The committee of course instructors and the Chair of the Entomology graduate program will review thesis literature review essays submitted udring the previous year (January 1 through December 31). If no student is considered qualified for the scholarship, all of the interest will be returned to the principal.
Value The value is not available
Currency Canadian
Tenable at No details on tenability available
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details The selection shall be made by the Awards Committee of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Entomology Graduate Program.
Updated: December 14, 2011
Research Fields TEST Philosophy
Categories Humanities
Citizenship Unrestricted
Eligibility A Masters Level Scholarship has been created by a bequest from Harold R. Abells.
This scholarship shall be awarded each academic year. The annual value of the award shall be the available annual interest* generated by the fund.
The scholarship shall be awarded to a deserving M.A. student enrolled in the Philosophy M.A. program, in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Manitoba who, in the majority opinion of the members of the selection committee, is making excellent progress. The scholarship will be open to men and women regardless of race, national origin, and creed, in keeping with the laws of the land.
The scholarship shall be open to full-time continuing students in the Philosophy M.A. program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies who have awards GPAs of no less than 3.5. Applicants may be pursuing the degree through either the thesis or comprehensive route.
If, in any year, in the majority opinion of the members of the selection committee, there is no deserving student who is making excellent progress, then the committee may hold over the award until the following year. The award should not be held over a second time except by unanimous approval of the selection committee.
Value available annual interest earned
Currency Canadian
Tenable at University of Manitoba, Department of Philosophy
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details Contact the Department of Philosophy.
Research Fields TEST Aboriginal issues
Categories No categories available
Citizenship No citizenship available
Eligibility The scholarships will be offered to applicants who:
  • are enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Manitoba, at either the Master's or a PhD program;
  • have registered in or completed a graduate-level course covering Aboriginal issues
  • have a research focus on Aboriginal issues
  • have achieved a degree grade point average of at least 3.5, and
  • have demonstrated a commitment to disseminating the results of their research
    Students entering their first year of their graduate program will normally not be considered eligible for the scholarship. Recipients may only hold this award once.
  • Value Approximately $500 to $1,500
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at University of Manitoba
    Deadlines February 28
    Application Details For more information regarding this award please visit;https://umanitoba.ca/environment-earth-resources/student-experience/funding-and-awards#graduate-awards.

    Completed application packages should be emailed in one single PDF document to ilka.cudmore@umanitoba.ca.

    Updated: February 15, 2022

    Research Fields TEST Orthodontic Education
    Categories Dentistry
    Citizenship Unrestricted
    Eligibility For the support of orthodontic education. The term "orthodontic education" is to be interpreted in its broadest sense as determined by the Selection Committee.
    Value Interest earned on fund
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at University of Manitoba
    Deadlines No deadlines available
    Application Details Contact the Dean's Office, Faculty of Dentistry.
    Research Fields TEST leadership development and public policy study
    Categories Business
    Environmental Studies
    Natural, Physical or Life Sciences
    Social Sciences and Humanities
    Social Work
    Citizenship Canadian or Permanent Resident
    Eligibility Action Canada is a national fellowship program for promising young Canadians. The program enhances Fellow's leadership skills, broadens their understanding of Canada and its policy choices, and builds an exceptional network of leaders for our future.
    Action Canada is seeking nominations for candidates who are in the early years of their careers or pursuing post-secondary studies, who have the promise to be future Canadian leaders and who will benefit by the study of leadership and public policy issues. Candidates must be nominated for an Action Canada fellowship.
    Selection Criteria
  • Record of leadership and/or extraordinary achievement apart from academic studies.
  • Superior character, open-mindedness, demonstrate teamwork ability and interest in working with others, energy and courage
  • A passion for Canada; the potential to become a Canadian leader and the commitment to make a positive contribution to Canada
  • Record of excellent post-secondary academic achievement, or other demonstration of outstanding intellectual ability.
  • Value The value is not available
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at No details on tenability available
    Deadlines February 17
    Application Details Visit the Action Canada web site at http://www.actioncanada.ca/en/selection/nomination-process/ for nominaton details. Contact: Action Canadam 341-3495 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R3 Telephone: 778-881-7961 Email: actioncanada@actioncanada.ca Updated: January 24, 2012
    Research Fields TEST Water Resources
    Categories Engineering
    Citizenship Unrestricted
    Eligibility In memory of John Allen Knowles (B.Sc./60, Civil Engineering), his family, together with UMA Group Ltd., has established a fund at The University of Manitoba to recognize and encourage students in the academic discipline of water resources in the Faculty of Engineering. Mr. Knowles, who went on to obtain a Masters degree at the University of Alberta (M.Sc./62) after completing his undergraduate degree at The University of Manitoba, worked with UMA Group Ltd. from 1974 to 1994 and served as its Director of Water Resources from 1976 to 1993. He was also Director of the International Division of UMA from 1983 and served as Vice President, International, from 1992 to 1994.
    This award is to be given to a student in his/her first year of the Masterís program in water resources in the Department of Civil Engineering. The award shall be given to a student who:
  • has an excellent undergraduate academic record (minimum 3.50 grade point average on the last 60 credit hours);
  • has demonstrated excellence in water resources subjects at the undergraduate level; and,
  • has declared an interest in pursuing a career in the water resources field.
  • Value available annual interest
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at University of Manitoba, Department of Civil Engineering.
    Deadlines No deadlines available
    Application Details Contact the Faculty of Engineering.
    Research Fields TEST law, engineering, journalism, education, business public administration
    Categories Business
    social sciences
    Citizenship Canadian or Landed Immigrant
    Eligibility Applications for the 2011-2012 program are now closed.
    Aga Khan Foundation Canada is a non-profit international agency that supports social development programs in Asia or Africa. As a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, AKFC works to address the root causes of poverty: finding and sharing effective and lasting solutions that help improve the quality of life for poor communities. Our programs focus on four core areas: health, education, rural development and building the capacity of non-governmental organizations. Gender equity and protecting the environment are integrated into every program.
    Since 1989 AKFC has been helping to develop young Camadian leaders in the field of international development through its Development Fellowship Program. Fellowships feature an eight-month placement in Asia or Africa, preceded by a four week management seminar in Ottawa facilitated by leading development practitioners.
    The month-long management seminar in Ottawa provides fellows with a thorough grounding in the skills required to contribute effectively to their host organizations by emphasizing an analytical approach and strategic thinking and planning. Workshops are taught by some of Canada's foremost international cooperation professionals. Three fields to choose from: The International Development Management Fellowship (IDM), The International Microfinance and Microenterprise Fellowship (IMM), The Young Professionals in Media Fellowship (YPM).
  • Be a Canadian citizen of a landed immigrant
  • Be under the age of 30 at the time of application
  • Be able to demonstrate a strong interest in the fields of international development, microfinance and microenterprise or international media
  • Hold at minimum an undergraduate university degree
  • Value The value is not available
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at Asia or Africa
    Deadlines No deadlines available
    Application Details Visit the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada web site at http://www.akfc.ca/join-us/international-development.html for details. Contact: Aga Khan Foundation of Canada, The Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, 199 Sussex Drive, Ottawa ON Canada K1N 1K6 Telephone: 613-237-2532 Toll free number: 1-800-267-2532 Fax: 613-567-2532 Email: info@akfc.ca or visit http://www.akfc.ca/aboutus/contact-us.html Updated: January 24, 2012
    Research Fields TEST soil science, agricultural business, economics, finance, trade, environment geology
    Categories No categories available
    Citizenship No citizenship available
    Eligibility AIC Sustainable Futures Award recognizes imminent leaders - young men and women - who are advancing and applying innovative scientific knowledge on the sustainable use of agricultural resources required to address challenges in areas such as:
  • human and animal health
  • food security
  • climate change
  • energy demand
  • resources and biodiversity.
    The award is open to AIC members and non-members. It is expected that individuals nominated for the award will be under 40 years of age. Value: $1,000

    Dr. Karl C. Ivarson Scholarship was created to provide financial support to a student(s) entering second or subsequent year of post graduate studies in soil science (in areas of agriculture, environment, geology, agro-ecology or other related discplines) at a recognized Canadian university. Value: Two @ $3,000 each

    Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship will provide financial support to Masters or PhD students specializing in agricultural business, economics, finance or trade.
    Selection Criteria:
  • agricultural post-graduate student
  • emphasis in agricultural business/commerce/trade
  • academic record
  • leadership and community service
  • work experience and career interests.
    Value: Two scholarships will be offered in 2017; one for Masters level students @ $3,000, and one for PhD students @ $5,000.
    Deadline: March 8, 2017.
  • Value The value is not available
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at No details on tenability available
    Deadlines No deadlines available
    Application Details Visit the Agricultural Institute of Canada web site for the AIC Sustainable Futures Award.

    For the Dr. Karl C. Ivarson Scholarship and the Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship visit http://www.aicfoundation.ca/projects and for the application details for the McRorie Memorial Scholarship, go here: http://www.aicfoundation.ca/mcrorie/

    Contact: Agricultural Institute of Canada Foundation
    300 Earl Grey Drive
    Suite 233
    Ottawa ON K2T 1C1

    Email: manager@aicfoundation.ca

    Updated: January 30, 2017
    Research Fields TEST unrestricted
    Categories Unrestricted
    Citizenship Canadian or Landed Immigrant
    Eligibility The purpose of the Sir James Lougheed Awards of Distinction is to recognize academic achievement and provide Albertans with the opportunity for advanced study at educational institutions outside of Alberta. Applicants must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada, be Alberta residents, and be enrolled or planning to enroll full-time in a graduate program at an institutions outside of Alberta. There is a lifetime maximum of two awards per student. At the doctoral level, students must have completed at least one full year of graduate study or a master's degree.
    Applicants are judged on previous academic accomplishments, program of study, appraiser's evaluations, answers to the essay question, and general impressions from the application form. For a profile of successful candidates visit https://alis.alberta.ca/pdf/scholarships/Profile%20of%20Successful%20Candidates.pdf
    Value Masters level: up to $15,000 Doctoral level: up to $20,000
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at Institutions outside Alberta.
    Deadlines February 1
    Application Details Visit the Government of Alberta web site at http://alis.alberta.ca/ec/fo/scholarships/info.html?EK=45 Contact: Mailing address: Alberta Scholarship Programs, Box 28000, Stn Main, Edmonton AB T5J 4R4 In person: 4th Floor, Sterling Place, 9940 106 Street, Edmonton AB Telephone: 780-427-8640 To be connected toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000 Fax: 780-427-1288 Email: scholarships@gov.ab.ca Updated: January 24, 2012
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