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Research Fields TEST Japan humanities and social sciences
Categories Social Sciences and Humanities
Citizenship Specified Nationalities
Eligibility In order to promote Japanese Studies, this program provides support to outstanding scholars in the field by offering the opportunity to conduct research in Japan. Fellowship programs that are available: Scholars and Researcher (long-term, 2-12 months) Scholars and researchers in the humanities or social sciences; Scholars and Researchers (short-term, 21-59 days) Scholars and researchers in the humanities and social sciences who need to conduct intensive research in Japan; Doctoral Candidates; (4-12 months) Doctoral candidates in the humanities or social sciences. Basic Eligibility: Applicants must be American citizens, American citizens temporarily residing abroad, or permanent residents of the United States. Americans with permanent residency abroad should submit their applications to the Japan Foundationís office in the country where they reside or to the Japanese diplomatic mission of their resident country no later than December 1, 2010, using a different form; Applicants residing in the United States who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents should submit their applications to the Foundationís Tokyo Headquarters no later than December 1, 2010, using a different form; Doctoral candidates must have achieved ABC status by the time the fellowship begins; In principle, Scholars and Researchers (both Long-Term and Short-Term) must hold a Ph.D. and have substantial experience in research, teaching and writing in the fields of the humanities or social sciences; Previous recipients of Japan Foundation fellowships, such as the Japanese Studies Fellowship,or Abe Fellowship, etc., are eligible to reapply only if, on April 1, 2010, a full three years have elapsed since the termination of their most recent fellowship. Previous Short-Term Research Fellows may reapply after one full year from the termination of their most recent fellowships; Applicants must be in good health; Applicants must be proficient n either Japanese or English; Applicants must secure all affiliation arrangements by the application deadline (excluding the Research Fellowship (Short-Term)); In principle, applicants must be able to stay continuously in Japan for the terms of the fellowship. Ineligibility - Individuals meetings any of the following conditions are not eligible to apply: Scholars or researchers in the natural sciences, medicine or engineering; Undergraduates; Masterís degree candidates; those intending to enroll in Undergraduate or Masterís courses at universities in Japan; or graduates who are to pursue Ph.D. courses in Japan; Those who intend to use the fellowship for political or religious purposes; Those who primarily intend to enhance their Japanese language ability or technical skills; Those who intend to develop and/or produce Japanese language teaching materials; Those who intend to acquire artistic training in the area of Japanese traditional culture (tea ceremony, flower arrangement, etc); Those who plan to receive other grants concurrently with the fellowship;
Value The value is not available
Currency Canadian
Tenable at Japan
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details Visit The Japan Foundation,New York web site at http://www.jfny.org/japanese_studies/fellowship/programannouncement.html Contact: The Japanese Foundation, New York, Telephone: 212-489-0299 Fax: 212-489-0409 Email: info@jfny.org Updated: February 1, 2012

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