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Research Fields TEST nephrology, urology, kidney disease
Categories Medical Health Sciences
Citizenship Canadian or Landed Immigrant
Eligibility Allied Health Doctoral Fellowships The Kidney Foundation of Canada offers a limited number of fellowships designed to provide for full-time academic and research preparatoin at the doctoral level. The objective of this program is to promote and enhance the development of nephrology/urology allied health investigators in Canada. Value: $31,000 per year Deadline: March 15, 2011 Allied Health Scholarships is designed to assist the student with a demonstrated interest in nephrology/urology in pursuing education at the Masters or Doctoral level. This is to promote and enhance the development of nephrology allied health investigators in Canada. Eligibility: * open to nephrology nurses and technicians, social workers, dietitians, transplant co-ordinators and other allied health professionals who demonstrate commitment to the area of nephrology, or organ donation; * demonstrated minimum of two years direct clinical practice * acceptance in proposed course of full-time or part-time study * intention to return to Canada, if studies are outside the country.
Value The value is not available
Currency Canadian
Tenable at No details on tenability available
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details Visit The Kidney Foundation of Canada web site at http://www.kidney.ca/Page.aspx?pid=362
Contact: National Office, 300 - 5165 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal QC H4A 1T6 Telephone: 514-369-4806 / 1-800-361-7494 Fax: 514-369-2472 Email: info@kidney.ca or Manitoba Branch, 1 - 452 Dovercourt Drive, Winnipeg MB R3Y 1G4 Telephone: 204-989-0800 / 1-800-729-7176 Fax: 204-989-0815 Updated: February 1, 2012

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