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Research Fields TEST Korea
Categories Social Sciences and Humanities
Citizenship Unrestricted
Eligibility The Fellowship for Field Research program supports prominent foreign scholars and professionals to undertake field research in Korea. Doctoral candidates who have completed all academic requirements, except their dissertations are eligibile to apply. Value: 1,7000,000 Korean won, setting allowance, 300,000 Korean won (one-time benefit), ecnonmy-class round-trip international airfare, travelers' insurance. Application deadline: July 31 of the year preceding the desired fellowship year. Fellowship for Korean Language Training is designed to enhance competency in Korean language among overseas Korean Studies scholars, graduate students and professionals in Korea-related fields, by providing an opportunity to undertake intensive language training in a Korean language program at the leading universities in Korea. Value: monthly stipend - masters degree and below, 900,000 Won, Doctoral candidates and above, 1,100,000 Won, setting-in allowance, 300,000 Won (one-time benefit), tuition for Korean Language Course, traveller's insurance. Eligibility: Basic qualifications and academic background are as follows: Graduate students who are majoring or minoring in Korea-related subjects for master's or doctoral degrees; Faculty members and researchers engaged in teaching or research activities at universities or research institutes; or Professionals with cultural/artistic organizations related with Korea (e.g., museum curators, librarians, government officials in charge of Korean affairs, etc.) [ Notes ] - Applicants must have a basic knowledge of and an ability to communicate in the Korean language (intermediate level preferred). - For Korean nationals, only those with foreign permanent residency status are eligible to apply. - Number of fellows varies based on the Foundation's annual budget. The Graduate studies Fellowship is designed to assist talented foreign graduate students in Korean Studies with scholarship for their coursework and/or research. Eligibility: * Applicants must be foreign graduate students majoring in Korean studies and be enrolled at the university in humanities or social science programs during the desired scholarship period. * This program is designed for foreign students who intend to develop their academic and professional careers in Korean studies in countries other than Korea. Korean nationals with permanent residency status in other countries are eligible to apply. As an exception, however, Korean nationals studying in the North American region (Group 1) are eligible to apply for the Fellowship. (*note: eligible candidates must restrict their research field to the pre-modern era in humanities or social science programs.) * Applicant's primary interest should be focused on Korea and he/she should be preparing Korea-related theses or dissertations. Applicants must be in residence at their home institution; those conducting research abroad are not eligible. * Applicants must possess sufficient Korean language proficiency to carry out advanced research using Korean-language materials. This ability should be mentioned in the applicant's cover letter, and in addition, one (of three) required letters of recommendation must be a language reference from an adviser or language instructor attesting to the student's language ability. * Applicants must show outstanding academic achievement.
Value The value is not available
Currency Canadian
Tenable at No details on tenability available
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details Visit the Korea Foundation web site at http://www.kf.or.kr/ for application details and forms supplied by the Foundation. Contact: Fellowship Program Department, E-mail: fellow@kf.or.kr OR language@kf.or.kr Telephone: +82-2)2046-8537 Fax: +82-2)3463-6076 Address: The Korea Foundation 10F Diplomatic Center Building, 2558 Nambusunhwanno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-863, KOREA Updated: February 1, 2012

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