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Research Fields TEST International Relations or Industrial Relations
Categories No categories available
Citizenship Unrestricted
Eligibility Open to graduate students of any Canadian university who engage in (commence or continue) graduate study in the United States or the United Kingdom, of international or industrial relations (including the international or industrial relations aspects of law, history, politics and economics).

Mr. King expressed the hope in his will that this scholarship would "afford to Canadian students in the future opportunities to broaden their outlook and sympathies and contribute in some measure to that understanding of the problems and policies of other countries which is the basis of international good will".

The award will be based on high academic achievements (all A's or very nearly so; entire academic history), personal qualities and demonstrated aptitudes.

Approximately (4) four travelling scholarships are awarded annually. Part-Time and Full-Time students are eligible to apply.

Note: this award is tenable in the 2024-2025 academic year, so you must meet the eligibility requirements as of the 2024-2025 academic year to be eligible.

Value $10500
subject to change. Four awarded annually across Canada. Approx. $10,500.00.
Currency Canadian
Tenable at Universities/Institutions in the United States or the United Kingdom.
Deadlines February 1
Application Details *24-25 APPLICATION NOW CLOSED*

A complete application should consist of the following:

1. Application form: http://www.mkingscholarships.ca/MKAppFrmsE.pdf

Hard copy or emailed applications will not be accepted.

Application form must be signed and uploaded into the UM application portal: https://applygrad.umanitoba.ca/apply/?sr=46232078-6f87-469b-bf89-13c11be1be68;

2. Sheet A-Supplementary information on academic achievements and experience:

Awards received (name, years of tenure and annual value) and publications and professional work experience related to your field of study;

Sheet A may be more than one page and there is no format.

3. Sheet B-Personal Statement:

Academic interests, extracurricular activities, program of studies pursuing and career plans;

Sheet B should not exceed 600 words and there is no format.

4. Non UM Official or Certified Transcripts from each University attended (excluding UM); Copies can be scanned into your application. Official/Certified hard copies of transcripts only can be mailed or dropped off in person c/o FGS Awards 500 University Centre, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2 in an envelope marked "FGS Awards-Mackenzie King Open Scholarship". If ordering electronically from the University, you may have the certified copy sent directly to FGS Awards.

5. (3) Three letters of reference from persons who have knowledge of your record and ability and are able to give a critical evaluation of your plans for graduate study. At least two of these testimonials must be from persons under whom you have taken your major work at university, or from senior colleagues with whom you have been associated in academic teaching or research.

Letters of reference must be confidential, i.e. not accessible to the candidate.

The online application system will prompt you to enter the names and email addresses of your referees, and the online system will send them an email requesting that they submit their reference for your award application online.

Both sheets and references can be addressed to the "Mackenzie King Scholarship Competition"

The application form can be downloaded at: http://www.mkingscholarships.ca/download.html and must be uploaded into your application.

Application Portal link: https://applygrad.umanitoba.ca/apply/?sr=46232078-6f87-469b-bf89-13c11be1be68

All information about documentation requirements can be found on the Mackenzie King website and within the application portal: https://applygrad.umanitoba.ca/apply/?sr=46232078-6f87-469b-bf89-13c11be1be68

For application details, please visit: http://www.mkingscholarships.ca/how-to-apply.html

Additional information can be found at: http://www.mkingscholarships.ca/

Please note: Applications must be submitted online. Paper copies, incomplete, and late applications will not be accepted. Applications that are incomplete or ineligible will not be recommended to the Mackenzie King committee for consideration.

Award recipient will be notified end of May, by the Mackenzie King Selection Committee. Payment of the first instalment is conditional upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that the candidate has been admitted into the graduate program in which the scholarship application was submitted.

If you have inquiries regarding this award, please contact Faculty of Graduate Studies, Award Assistant by email at: graduate.awards@umanitoba.ca

Updated: 2023


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