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Citizenship Unrestricted
Eligibility One Fellowship, made available by the Winnipeg Foundation from the estates of the late Mr. and Mrs. Irwin A. Snider, will be offered annually at the University of Manitoba. The Winnipeg Foundation will confirm the value annually. In each year the award is offered, one fellowship will be offered to the graduate student who:

(1) is enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the first year of any master's or doctoral program at the University of Manitoba;

(2) has achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.5 based on the last 60 credit hours of study (or equivalent);

(3) has received their first undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba or any of its affiliated colleges within the past five years at the time of the application's submission;

(4) has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and the ability to succeed in their desired field of graduate study.

In the event that two or more applicants are equally qualified for the fellowship in any given year, preference in selection will be given to the applicant who has graduated from any undergraduate degree program offered by either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba.

Students who have received the Donald Vernon Snider Memorial Fellowship in their first year of graduate study are eligible to apply for the fellowship in their second year of graduate study provided that they have met all the other selection criteria. Students may only receive the fellowship a maximum of two times throughout the duration of their academic studies.

The selection committee will be named by the Vice-Provost (Graduate Education) and Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (or designate).

Value 1 award valued at $8,000.00
Currency Canadian
Tenable at At the University of Manitoba for the 2017-2018 academic year
Deadlines October 27
Application Details NOTE: There are 5 composite award competitions including this one and all have the same application requirements and deadline for the 17-18 competition - October 27th, 2017. If you intend to apply for multiple composite awards then only one set of application documents needs to be submitted. Please note on your cover sheet the names of all the composite awards you wish to be considered for with your application package.

*To apply, please submit the following items to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at 500 University Ctr. by the deadline.

1. Cover page - this should include the following information: your full name, University of Manitoba student number, University of Manitoba email address, your program and department (example: MA in Philosophy) and the name(s) of the composite award(s) you are applying for.

2. A copy of your current academic CV - please ensure it includes relevant work experience and academic experience, as well as any information on any other awards/funding that you currently hold and have previously held.

3. A statement (approx. 500 words) that speaks to your academic research interests and goals in your graduate program.

4. Two (2) academic letters of reference - ideally these letters should be submitted by professors who have recently supervised your research and are familiar with your academic performance.

Reference letters:

Reference letters can be forwarded by one of the following methods...

- Included with a complete application package in a SEALED envelope with a signature of the referee across the seal.

- Forwarded directly to Graduate Studies, addressed to Sara Sealey, Composite Award, arriving in a SEALED envelope with a signature of the referee across the seal.

- Forwarded by e-mail from the referee directly to the Awards Office (sara.sealey@umanitoba.ca). The preferred format is a PDF email attachment which must be signed by the referee (unsigned reference letters will not be accepted).

Contact: Sara Sealey - Sara.Sealey@umanitoba.ca
Updated: September 22nd, 2017


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