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Research Fields TEST Commonwealth studies
Categories Law
social sciences
Citizenship No citizenship available
Eligibility The Smuts Memorial Fund also elects one or two Smute Visiting Research Fellows a year, in association with a Visiting Research Fellowship at Wolfson College to come to Cambridge to study for 9 months.
Fellowships are available for research in the field of Commonwealth Studies, including the Commonwealth related aspects of archaeology, anthropology, economics, history, human geography, law, literature, oriental studies, sociology, politics and social psychology. The maximum duration of a Fellowship is 9 months.
Fellowship holders are expected to live in Cambridge for the bulk of their tenure an accomodation is normally offered by Wolfson College.
Fellows are expected to advance Commonwealth Studies in Cambridge mainly by pursuig research, but also by taking part in seminars and similar activities within the University. Fellows will have access, by agreement, to the holdings of Faculty and Departmental libraries, to the libraries of the Centres of African Studies and South Asian Studies and to the University Library, which houses the extensive collection of materials relating to the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth, formerly housed in the Royal Commonwealth Society Library in London.
Value The value is not available
Currency Canadian
Tenable at Cambridge, UK
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details Visit the University of Cambridge web site at http://www.smutsfund.cam.ac.uk/visitingfellowshipwolfson.html We are no longer receiving applications for the 2011-12 Visiting Research Fellowship. Information on the selection process for 2012-13 will be made available at http://www.smutsfund.cam.ac.uk/visitingfellowshipwolfson.html from October 1st 2011. Contact: Administrator, Kathy White, Smuts Memorial Fund, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RZ Email: kathy.white@admin.cam.ac.uk Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 338396 Fax: +44 (0) 1223 765515 Updated: February 7, 2012

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