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Citizenship Canadian or Permanent Resident
Eligibility The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) funds research activities that are designed to directly benefit developing countries and their citizens. Community Forestry: Trees and People - John G. Bene Fellowship Value: $15,000 CAD to cover justifiable field research expenses. This fellowship provides assistance to Canadian graduate students undertaking research on the relationship between forest resources and the social, economic, cultural, and environmental welfare of people in developing countries. The successful candidate will be the one whose work most benefits the lives of the less privileged people in the developing country. Application deadline: March 1, 2011 IDRC Doctoral Research Awards Value: $20,000 CAD to cover justifiable field research expenses. Since 1982, IDRC has assisted Canadian graduate students to undertake their thesis research in the field of international development. IDRC Doctoral Research Awards are intended to promote the growth of Canadian and developing-country capacity in research on sustainable and equitable development from an international perspective. Application deadline: April, 1, 2011. Canadian Window on International Development Awards Value: $20,000 maximum to cover justifiable field research expenses. These awards reflect the fact that the boundaries between international development policy and domestic policy increasingly parallel similar problems in developing countries so that both Canada and the less developed countries benefit from research on these issues. The complexities of national economic and social development in Canada are increasingly evident, and are often related to international issues. Similarly Canadian trade, investment, immigration and other policies often affect development in less developed countries. These awards will support research that illustrates these interrelationships. Application deadline: April 1, 2011 IDRC Internship Awards The IDRC Internship awards provide exposure to research for international development through a program of training in research management and grant administration under the guidance of IDRC program staff. The internship is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences in research program management - in the creation, dissemination and utilization of knowledge from an international perspective. The intern will undertake a program of research on the topic submitted when competing for the internship award, and will be trained in the techniques of research management through hands-on experience with the Centre's policies and practices for grant administration under the mentorship of a Program Officer(s). Application deadline: September 12, 2010 The Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship Value: up to $30,000 CA. This Fellowship (a bequest from Helen S. Bentley and C. Fred Bentley) provides assistance to Canadian and developing-country graduate students with a university degree in agriculture, forestry or biology, who wish to undertake postgraduate, applied, on-farm research with cooperating farmers in a developing country. Projects should evaluate and/or promote the use of fertility enhancing plants, such as leguminous forages, shrubs, cover crops, and grain legumes in small farms. The intent is to seek ways to increase the yield of food crops, improve farmersí livelihoods, and improve soil fertility. Application deadline: October 1, 2012 IDRC Graduate Research Awards on Evaluation Currently under review, no competition offered in 2010-2011 Value: $20,000 maximum to cover justifiable field research expenses. In honour of Terry Smutylo's (founding director of the Evaluation Unit) long commitment and work to promote evaluation as a contributor to positive change, organizational learning, and improved effectiveness in international development, the Evaluation Unit has established a research awards competition. These awards will assist Canadian and developing-country graduate students undertake their thesis research in the field of evaluation. The IDRC Graduate Research Awards on Evaluation are intended to promote the growth of Canadian and developing-country capacity in evaluation and to better the theory and practice of evaluation. Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Graduate Training A main objective of the Ecohealth Program is to build the capacity of researchers so they become capable of designing and carrying out Ecohealth research that is transdisciplinary and participatory, engages multiple stakeholders, and addresses gender and social equity analysis.
Value The value is not available
Currency Canadian
Tenable at In principle, IDRC supports research on all parts of the developing regions of the world. At this time, Fellowships and Awards is not supporting awards which involve research in Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Eastern Europe or Central Asia.
Deadlines No deadlines available
Application Details Visit the IDRC web site at http://www.idrc.ca/en/ev-84362-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html Contact: By regular mail, Canada Post Priority Post or XPRESSPOST: Centre Training and Awards Program (CTAP), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), PO Box 8500 Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3H9 - Canada
By courier services: Centre Training and Awards Program (CTAP), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), 150 Kent Street, Mailroom Suite 990 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 0B2 - Canada Telephone: (1 613) 236-6163, ext.: 2098 Fax: (1 613) 236-4026 Email: cta@idrc.ca Updated: February 1, 2012

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