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Research Fields TEST gender, sex, health research
Categories Medical, Health or Psycho-Social
Citizenship No citizenship available
Eligibility The Institute of Gender and Health (IGH), in partnership with CIHR's Communications and Public Outreach Branch, is pleased to announce a funding opportunity to support up to five (5) Café Scientifiques focused on gender, sex and health research. This partnership signals IGH’s keen interest to provide an opportunity for researchers from the IGH community to share key findings from their work, and to expand public understanding about the influence of gender and sex on health. CIHR launched its Café Scientifique program as an outreach initiative that would provide answers to questions of popular interest to the general public. As a result, over 330 CIHR Café Scientifiques events have been funded to provide educational and informal discussions regarding popular health topics. CIHR Cafés are typically held in bars or cafés, and involve a panel of experts who specialize in the topic at hand. The primary point of these events is accessibility: to be a member of the audience, you don't have to have a science degree. You need to be interested in learning and asking questions. Through its Café Scientifique program, CIHR organizes its own Café events but also establishes partnerships with non-profit organizations, universities, research centres, science centres and museums across Canada. If successful, these Café Scientifique partners can expect to receive $3,000 in funding to host their own Café. Please note: these funds can be used to host more than one Café.
In order to be funded, Cafés must meet the following criteria: • the subject must be a health research-related issue of interest to the general public; • a brief description of the Café must be provided along with an explanation of the importance of the topic itself; • the name and description of the institution that will be hosting the event (to whom the payment will be made) must be provided; • all Cafés must respect CIHR's guidelines for participants and organizers; • through relevant experience, the organizers must show how they will be able to meet the Café's goals (including a realistic budget forecast and communications plan); • there must be at least two CIHR-funded researchers on the panel of experts; • CIHR support must be appropriately recognized through use of promotional material prior to and at the event itself; • after the event, the organizers must be willing to evaluate the Café's success and demerits by distributing a CIHR survey to participants; • a point of contact for all communication purposes must be provided (including phone number, fax number and e-mail address); • a person who has signing authority to claim CIHR funding must be identified; • the tentative date, time and location for the Café must be provided (the event has to take place prior to June 29, 2012). Eligibility Eligibility criteria for all CIHR reserach funding programs apply. For your application to be eligible:
  • The Nominated Principal Applicant must be one of the following: a) an independent researcher b) a knowledge user c) a trainee d) an activity/event coordinator affiliated with Canadian non-governmental not-for-profit organizations e) a community leader
  • An organization can only submit one application. In the case of universities, individual departments can apply.
  • Value $3000
    Currency Canadian
    Tenable at No details on tenability available
    Deadlines June 30
    Application Details Visit the CIHR web site at http://www.researchnet-recherchenet.ca/rnr16/vwOpprtntyDtls.do?prog=1260&&view=currentOpps&org=CIHR&type=AND&resultCount=25&sort=program&all=1&masterList=true#eligibility for details on how to apply.
    Contact: Stephanie Coen, Knowledge Translatoin Manager, IGH Email: scoen@exchange.ubc.ca Updated: January 25, 2012

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