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Research Fields TEST Health, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities
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Eligibility The objective of the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS M) Program is to help develop research skills and assist in the training of highly qualified personnel by supporting students who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies.

The CGS M Program provides financial support to high caliber scholars who are engaged in eligible Masters or, in some cases, doctoral programs in Canada (refer to Eligibility http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/CGSM-BESCM_eng.asp#eligibility). This support allows these scholars to fully concentrate on their studies in their chosen fields.

The CGS M Program supports 2,500 students annually in all disciplines and is administered jointly by Canada’s three federal granting agencies: the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

To be eligible to apply, you must:

• be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;

• be enrolled in, or intend to apply for full-time admission to an eligible (http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/CGSM-BESCM_eng.asp#_Program_of_Study) graduate program at the master’s (or in some cases doctoral level) at a Canadian university with a CGS M allocation;

• not have previously held a CGS M;

have achieved a first-class average of a 3.75 GPA, in EACH of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent); and

• submit a maximum of one CGS M application per year (the Research Portal will allow the application to be submitted to up to five universities – refer to Application Procedure).

Value $17,500\year for 1 year
Currency Canadian
Tenable at Without exception, CGS M awards are tenable only at eligible Canadian universities. http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/CGSAllocations-QuotasBESC_eng.asp
Deadlines December 3
Application Details Application Procedure

To apply for the CGS M scholarships, all applicants must complete and submit an application using the Research Portal https://portal-portail.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/

Applicants should consult the instructions http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/CGSM-BESCM_eng.asp when completing their application. In addition, applicants must also complete the Canadian Common CV-CGS—Master’s version as instructed http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/CGSM-BESCM_eng.asp This must be uploaded to your application on the Research Portal.

The Research Portal will instruct applicants to select up to five universities where they wish to hold the award. Applicants may select universities on the application where:

• they are currently enrolled in an eligible program of study and wish to pursue their studies; or
• they intend to apply for full-time admission to an eligible program of study if not currently enrolled at a university of their choice.

The deadline for applicants to submit their application on the Research Portal is December 3, 2018.

Applicants are asked in the CGS M application to categorize their proposed ”field of research” (i.e., health, natural sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities). Applicants should ensure they are selecting the appropriate Granting Agency (http://www.science.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=en&n=FEE7261A-1).


Up-to-date transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies must be scanned as instructed (see instructions) and uploaded by the applicant in the appropriate section of the application. Applicants are permitted to open their sealed transcripts for the purpose of uploading.

Transcripts must be those provided to you from the university (Registrar’s Office), NOT a copy of your Web transcripts. Transcripts showing current registration must be submitted as well; even if no grades have been issued. For international transcripts ONLY (not including U.S. transcripts); certified true copies are acceptable. These can be obtained from your department. Each page of the transcript(s) must be signed by the department.

At its discretion, the granting agency can request official transcripts before you take up the award or during your award period, for verification purposes.

Information related to the application process can be found at the following link. http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/CGSM-BESCM_eng.asp

The selection process and post-award administration are carried out at the university level, under the guidance of the three agencies. Students submit their application to the university at which they propose to hold their award via the Research Portal.

Results deadline (date the universities post the competition results using the Research Portal): April 1st of the following calendar year.

Contact: Rowena.Krentz@umanitoba.ca
Updated September 17, 2018


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